Zulugrass "Super Powers" Charm Bracelets in Brights, Set of 10

We have new “Super Power” sterling plated affirmation charms! "Super Powers" are charming daily affirmations. Each bracelet comes packaged inside our eye-catching Gift Rounds. To display in your store, take the bracelet out of the tube and wrap it 4 times around. Stack them up to showcase this to-go-packaging!

Each set of 10 will be a unique selection of seasonal Spring into Summer Zulugrass colorways on the Gift Rounds so you can offer your customers fresh variations of affirming charms and colors with each re-order.  Each wrap around bracelet ships inside the Gift Round in tissue paper with the written Affirmation on the Gift Round and Maasai message matching the charm. Photo is a representation of the various Spring colors that may be in each set of 10.

New charms and affirmations:

  • Crown: Walk with Confidence
  • Bee: Spread Abundance
  • Shell: Seek Your Path
  • Bird: Soar Above
  • Pineapple: Share Your Gifts


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