Spring Into Summer 2017 Zulugrass Starter Kit

$465 - We have more on the way!

The Starter Kit includes a hand-crafted wood T-stand, 100 strands of Zulugrass, 50 hangtags and a story postcard for the top of the display. This is a great way to bring the rainbow of Zulugrass to your customers!

With her love of nature and up-to-date fashion trends, Katy Leakey has re-designed an exciting Spring Into Summer Selection for 2017! She’s designed 17 new Zulugrass Colorways, including 5 brand new GRASS colors, with exciting new Czech bead combinations for this 100 strand collection. There are 5 strands of the 20 colorways, each carefully planned to evoke the feeling spring brings to us, match any heartfelt desire, and celebrate our new selves! Zulugrass Single 26” strands, are handbeaded, using deliciously hued grass beads (as strong as bamboo, and yes, it grows with the hole in it) blended with striking Czech glass beads. By stringing these durable, natural beads on strong elastic, Zulugrass is worn as wrap around bracelets as well as necklaces, anklets, hairties, etc.

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