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If you are a store owner that is new to The Leakey Collection, please fill out the information below to create a wholesale account. Once verified, your sales representative will be in contact with you to assist you with your first order. For a quicker option, we offer the following starter kits. Your order will be processed and shipped right away, unless there is a competitive issue in which case we will contact you. Thank you for your interest in The Leakey Collection! We look forward to working with you to create more opportunities to women in rural Kenya!

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  Complete Store Starter
  Price: $620
  A "rainbow of color" on a contemporary eco display made from farmed wood is the ideal way to introduce Zulugrass to your customers. This package comes with 125 Zulugrass single strands in 25 exciting colors, 3 hand crafted solid sterling necklace clasps , 10 bracelet clasps, DVD, 50 gift display tags, with a beautiful display card for your store.


  Cause Bracelet and Duet Starter Set
  Price: $370.00
  This includes a 10-pack of our best-selling Cause Bracelet (Beads for Learning, Beads for Clean Water, Beads for Girls Graduation, and Beads for Healthy Gardens) which are packaged on tags outlining which special project each bracelet helps fund. Plus you will receive two 10-packs of Duets in seasonal color combinations on tags. A special ‘Thank you’ inside each tag explains the positive impact you and your customers are making in East Africa. We will be introducing new color combinations each season so you can have a variety of colors to offer your customers.


  Super Power Charm and Unity Bracelet Starter Set
  Price: $252.50

“Super Powers” are charming daily affirmations. Sterling plated charms dangle from Zulugrass on fun new gift rounds that make for a great display and gifts-to-go! Each bracelet comes packaged inside our eye-catching gift rounds. To display in your store, take the bracelet out of the tube and wrap it around 4 times. Stack them up to showcase this new to-go-packaging! You get one set of 10 natural Zulugrass Single Strand colors and one of 10 bright colors, featuring 2 sets of each charm.

In art, Unity describes a harmony among the parts or elements of a work producing a single major effect. A oneness. That holds true for this combination of 2 jewelry pieces that are perfect on their own but combine for a true masterpiece of Unity. This package comes with 2 sets of 5 Pearl Bracelets (either in White Porcelain or Vanilla Wood AND Turquoise Porcelain or Espresso Wood, depending on the season) all combined with 10 different seasonal Zulugrass Single Strands on easy-to-display tags. A special ‘Thank you’ inside each tag explains the positive impact you and your customers are making in East Africa.

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